Leeway – Be Loud tab

Leeway - Be Loud
Born to expire

Tabbed by greg

Tuning: Standard

Main riff
x1 The first time you play the last half of this don't mute it, there is a 
variation where the d5 powerchord is only strummed once.

e|----------------| -----------------|G|----------------| -----------------|B|----------------| -----------------|D|----------------| -777-5-7-5-------|A|-----------555--| -555-3-5-3-------| E|--0-000000-333--|x2 -----------------| x1 . ...... . . .
Chorus Let powerchords ring
e|---------------------------------| ----|G|---------------------------------| ----|B|---------------------------------| ----|D|------------10-9---10-7----7-5-4-| --4~|A|--7--9--10---8-7---8--5----5-3-2-| --2~| Let this chord ring at the end of the E|--5--7---8-----------------------| ----| chorus, leading into the verse riff again. . . .
bridge riff play this after playing the first riff 4x, listen to the song for timing.
e|----------------------| -----------------|G|----------------------| -----------------|B|----------------------| -----------------|D|----------------------| ------------------| A|-------9------9------5| --333333333333333-| E|--0000-7--000-7--00--3| --111111111111111-| .... ... .. .............
bridge riff ends on this, let ring and go back into main riff.
The song finishes on the powerchord above in the same way after the chorus. Just listen to the song to hear the timing and structure. Band: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leeway_%28band%29 http://www.myspace.com/leewaynyc
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