Left Alone - Dear Red Roses tab

Left Alone - Dead Red Roses

intro (trumpet): D, G then


e|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|------------777----------------7-77-7 7-----------------------------------|D|--999--555--777--9-7-555--777--7-77-7-7-----------------------------------|A|--999--555--555--9-7-555--777--5-55-5-4-----------------------------------|E|--777--333-------7-5-333--555---------------------------------------------|
intro (trumpet): D, G then intro/verse: So what are you gonna do now honey? When I'm dead and gone And the only thing you have to remember me by Is this fucking song I went driving down New Hampshire street now, sugar Looking for a home But that's where I found myself in the end Desperate and alone chorus: Dead red roses on my bed For the love that went away Dead red roses on my bed verse: All the times when I was standing all by myself And I'll stand there again Well over and over and over again I stand without any friends I needed someone there, there was No one there for me It took some time to realize but now there's no surprise No, I finally see chorus: Dead red roses on my bed For the love that went away Dead red roses on my bed end on H listen to the song to get the rhythm right nice song by Left Alone, have fun, peace bros, sinipunk
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