Left Out Kid – Tree House Song tab

Tabbed by Jon Riley www.leftoutkid.fsnet.co.uk

 The Tree House Song

 Another really simple song with just four chords in it.

 The entire song was written without intending to have a verse, chorus, verse structure.
 (Which is just my excuse for being crap at the guitar)

 This is also made up of the four most popular chords in the world and in the same order
 as almost every other popular song you know. There is a formula to making music and this
 is it!

 C (3rd), Fm (1st), Am (5th) and Gm (3rd)

 In between these chords at certain points in the song I play this:

C Fm Am Gm e|-------------|--------------|--------------|------------------| B|-3--5--6--5--|--3--5--6--8--|--8--6--5--6--|--8--6--5--6\5----| G|-------------|--------------|--------------|---------------5--| D|-------------|--------------|--------------|------------------| A|-------------|--------------|--------------|------------------| E|-------------|--------------|--------------|------------------|
copyright belongs to Jon Riley
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