Leighton Meester – Words I Couldnt Say chords

This song was originally written by Rascal Flatts but 
was preformed by Leighton Meester in the movie Country Strong.
This is the Country Strong version. 
This is my first time submitting anything so be nice please!

Capo on the 6th


   G.                        Cadd9

In a book, in a box, in the closet

G.                           Cadd9

In a line, in a song I once heard 

Am.                        G.          D

In a moment on a front porch late one June 

Am.                        G.         D

In a breath inside a whisper beneath the moon

G.                                     Cadd9

There it was at the tips of my fingers 

G.                                     Cadd9

There it was on the tip of my tongue 

Am.                      G.            D

There you were and I had never been that far 

Am.                        G.                 D

There it was the whole world wrapped inside my arms 

Am.        C.     D 

And I let it all slip away 


G.                 Cadd9

What do I do now that you're gone 

CNo back up plan, no second chance
Em. D And no one else to blame
G. Cadd9. C All I can hear in the silence that remains
D. C. GAre the words I couldn't say
VERSE 2: There's a rain that will never stop fallin' There's a wall that I tried to take down What I should have said just wouldn't pass my lips So I held back and now we've come to this And it's too late now CHORUS BRIDGE: Am. G. F I should have found a way to tell you how I felt Am. F Now the one I'm telling is myself CHORUS CHORUS CHORUS
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