Lemar - All I Ever Do My Boo tab

All I Ever Do (My Boo)

People have been asking for this tab for ages, it’s about time it was tabbed! This
is my first tab; I have tried to tab it fairly accurately, although I certainly don’t
expect it to be 100% correct! Tap the guitar between chords with all four fingers of
strumming hand, and listen to the song for the timing. Please let me know what you

Capo on 3rd fret.
\ = Downstroke
/ = Upstroke

Intro \ / \ /\ \ / \ /\e|--------3---3-----0---00-----xx---0---0------0-00-|-3p0-|B|--------3---3-----1---11-----xx---0---0------1-11-|-----|G|--------0---0-----0---00-----xx---0---0------0-00-|-----| x2D|--------0---0-----2---22-----xx---0---0------2-22-|-----|A|--------2---2-----0---00-----xx---2---2------0-00-|-----|E|--------0---0-----0---00-----xx---0---0------0-00-|-----|
^tap ^tap ^tap
Verse \ / \ /\ \ / \ /\e|--------3---3-----0---00-----xx---0---0------0-00-|B|--------3---3-----1---11-----xx---0---0------1-11-|G|--------0---0-----0---00-----xx---0---0------0-00-|D|--------0---0-----2---22-----xx---0---0------2-22-|A|--------2---2-----0---00-----xx---2---2------0-00-|E|--------0---0-----0---00-----xx---0---0------0-00-|
^tap ^tap ^tap “Sitting at home...” Second part where Lemar sings “I’ve been searching...” etc. is some combination of of the same chords used in the first part. Chorus - repeat intro Bridge Note: these are just the chords but in the song they are picked, which is easy enough to out yourself, and the last D is strummed.
Am7 ? C De|----0---0---0---- --2--|B|----1---1---1---- --3--|G|----0---0---0---- x2 then --2--|D|----2---0---2---- --0--|A|----0---2---3---- --x--|E|----0---0---x---- --x--|
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