Lemon Demon – Marketland tab

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Lemon Demon - Market Land 
(Listen to the song to get the right rhythm.  For B7 use the open B7 chord.  
Chords in the song:
Verse: Am Am Am Am | F F Am Am
Pre-chorus: E Am F C | E Am F C | G
Chorus: C F B7 E | C F B7 E | Am

Intro: Am

Market Town.
What a doozy walking ‘round
With all these putrid people everywhere.
“You’ve gotta buy this!”
Screams a whiskey stinking vermin vendor
Holding up a rotten pear. 
                E    Am      F
But I hold      on           to my dollar,
C                      E     Am
Looking all a    -     round me.
F                C
In this place, I hide my face,
    G                               Am
But dirty people hound me. 

Market Street.
I could use a bite to eat,
But I don’t want to buy a whole raw fish, no.
No, not a blanket!
Yes, it’s lovely but I’m hungry,
And that’s really not my favorite dish. 
           E  Am          F
So I hold on              to my moolah,
C          E                 Am
My mazuma, mon       -       ey.
F                        C
There’s no trash that’s worth my cash,
It all just smells too funny. 

C      F                         B7              E
                  In             Market    -     land,
         C                     F
You can buy what’s in de   -   mand.
B7       E           C                F
Fifteen years ago, wow.
     B7         E
In Market   -   land,
         C               F  
All the world’s in your hand.
B7      E          Am
I’d go wash it off now. 

Etc. etc.
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