Lemon Demon - The Saga Of You Confused Destroyer Of Planets chords

Cm Am Eb AbYou went out, you turned west
Cm Am Eb AbYou went numb, you felt possessed
Cm Am Eb AbYou fell down, you blacked out
Cm Am Eb AbYou woke up to stare and shout
Cm Am Eb AbYou saw there a dark void
Cm Am Eb AbThe whole world had been destroyed
Cm Am Eb AbThe planet was gone, uh huh, the planet was gone
Cm Am Eb AbEntire planet was gone, the stupid planet was gone
Bb EbItís all right
Eb Ab Gm CmSo donít fret, just forget
Ab G CmNo one will see, God forbid
Eb Ab Gm CmItís all gone, so move on
Ab G Cm BbNobody knows what you did
G CmBut then you traveled on the solar wind
F7 Bb Eb Ab Db BbTo find another galaxy to live in, you were forgiven
G AbAnd once again you settled down
Dm G Eb Ab Db BbAnd once again you had another blackout, too late to back out
EbBut itís all right
Ab G Cm EbNobody knows what you did
Ab G Cm EbWhom it concerns is now in a better place
Ab G Cm EbNobody knows what you did
Ab G Cm EbEven the person who did it doesnít know (x3)
G Ab CmItís not a crime to demolish all the rules
G Ab CmItís not a crime when the laws are brought down
G Ab Cm Itís just a paradox, it isnít wrong
G Ab CmItís just a paradox
(but itís all right)
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