Lemon Demon – Sky Is Not Blue chords

FM7 Am CM7 Eb
Gm7 BbM7 F7 Am 
F Am CM7 Eb (x2)
F Am CI made you these construction paper dolls,
Eb Fconnected by the hands with tiny little faces,
Am Cand now I’ll hang them on the walls
Eb Fso you can see the people filling up the spaces.
Am C Eb GI think I am the only one to ever realize that I am
Bb F7the only one to realize what’s true.
Am AbWhen all the world is stuck in a jam:
(Ab)G F# F Am C EbThe sky is not blue.
F Am C Eb...
Am Ab GI’m setting up my tiny little town,
F# Fa Lego set in which I’m planning to retire.
E7 AmIt’s really time I settled down,
C7 Fbut not before I set everything on fire,
Am Cput on my boots, and stamp it out.
Eb Gm7The little yellow people don’t care.
Bb F7They never did, and they never do,
Am Fand yet they seem to speak with their stare.
Am CThey tell me things I can’t deny.
Eb Gm7They tell me I’m a sap, I’m a square.
Bb F7They tell me things I already knew.
Am AbThe greatest of the secrets they share:
-- F Am C Eb The sky is not blue F Am C Eb (x3, fade) ------------------------ This is copied directly from the WikiLemon
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