Lemon Demon - Samuel And Rosella tab

NOTICE: This was written by Lemon Demon himself, so it IS the exact chords.
Submitted by Squeakypants of http://www.mesachicken.be

Gmaj7              Cmaj7                  B7     Em  F#
Samuel and Rosella, both were 82 years old

Gmaj7                   Cmaj7                            B7     Em    F#
sharing an umbrella, slowly down the street they strolled

    Gmaj7          Cmaj7              B7          A7
and all around the world was changing in a manner of ways ranging

from dialect to fashion, the state of affairs
absolutely clashin' with the world that was theirs

Gmaj7                     Cmaj7                 B7      Em  F#
"I don't understand these kids today," said Rose.

Gmaj7                     Cmaj7                       B7      Em  F#
"Yeah," responded Sam, "Take a look at this boy's clothes."

    Gmaj7        Cmaj7          B7                A7
The young man exiting Hot Topic made them feel so misanthropic.

Samuel and Rosella didn't like the way he dressed.
They closed their umbrella and rammed it through his chest.

Em           B7
   Samuel and Rosella

Cm7               G
   they hate your generation

   ....with such determination

Em           B7
   Samuel and Rosella

Cm7            G
   they are disgusted, knowing

B7                C7
   how wrong this world is going

G              D7         C7
   a fact they don't mind showing

B                C                   D            B7(bass D#)
   in fact right now they're blowing up the local mall

    Em       D       B        C      G
and off they hobble, drunk on Geritol

C   D   G   B
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