Lemon Demon - Consumer Whore tab

Enjoy guys

Fm           Ab
What are you waiting for?
 Cm              Eb
Enough of this redundancy.
Fm            Ab            Cm
Why don't you go back to my show?
No need to torture me.
Fm           Ab
It's just commercials.
         Cm            Eb
Damn commercials on my plasma screen.
Fm          Ab                Cm
It's such a pain, so I complain
while drinking my caffeine.

F       Eb   F          Eb
My Nike shoes are on my feet.
F         Ab     Bb       CmDb Cm    Bb Cm
I'm going out to get some McDonald's to eat.

Cm    Eb           F7       Cm
Don't know what my brain is for.
     Eb          F7       Cm
I used to, but I don't no more.
   Eb     F7         Cm
I am a consumer whore.
   Eb     F7         
I am a consumer whore.

(pedal C)
Cm   Fsus4  F    Fsus4Cm
What do you want from me?
     Fsus4F    Fsus4Cm
What do I want from you?
    Fsus4F    Fsus4Cm
Somebody talk to me.
     Fsus4  F    Fsus4Cm
Tell me you feel it too.
     Fsus4       F            Fsus4Cm   Fsus4      F
This unstoppable force that delivers my hand to my wallet,
Fsus4Cm         Fsus4       F       Fsus4Cm         Fsus4
extracts all my hard earned dinero, and casts it to the 
    F        Fsus4
smirking rottweilers.

                          This was taken from
                    a wiki site of lemon demon so its
                          not a gohex original
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