Lemon Demon – Pumpkin Pie tab

Enjoy guys

Gm                            Cm      Gm
There lived a merchant in the days of old
                          Cm        Gm
who is remembered for the things he sold.
                          F7        Bb
No silly trinkets silver, bronze or gold.
D      Gm    D      Gm
So I’m told, so I’m told.

Gm       Cm              F
He lived alone (he lived alone)
    Bb             D          Gm        Cm      F
and every night he sat upon a throne of pumpkin pie.
  Gm              Cm               F       Bb
I do not know his name (he’d never say his name).
         D              Gm        Cm        D       Gm
He never wanted all the fame that came with pumpkin pie.

F  Edim  Eb  Cm  Bb  Eb  A7  D7

                          This was taken from
                    a wiki site of lemon demon so its
                          not a gohex original
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