Lemon Demon - Action Movie Hero Boy tab version 1

First Tab, Hope You Enjoy:

Eb B Cm F
B Bb Ab7-
Eb B Cm F
B Bb Ab7- 

(F)                      Bb                      Eb B F
I gotta figure out where mommy keeps the dynamite
                        Bb                         Eb B F
Iíll get some measuring tape so I can time it right
                         Bb                          Eb  B F
I know itís dangerous, I know youíre thinking I am a fool
                              Bb                     Cm         B
But itís the only chance Iíll ever get to look so cool (look so cool)

F                Bb
Hey, look at me, casually
Eb                B                   F
Walking away like Action Movie Hero Boy
In slow-mo, everything glowing and
Eb                    B
Blowing to bits right behind me 

Eb B Cm F
B Bb Ab7-

F                         Bb                                Eb B F
You see it all the time in theatres on the silver screen,
                                     Bb                              Eb B F
Like when the good guy blows the bad guyís house to smithereens.
                            Bb                             Eb B F
Iíve got a movie-making camera and a dozen grenades.
                        Bb                                                   Eb B F
Iím looking tough, Iíve got the stuff, Iíve got the spiffy shades. (Spiffy shades.)


Cm    B                Eb(Bb)     F7              Cm
I am aware itís just a movie, Iím aware itís a clichť
      B              F7          Ab7               Cm
I am aware Iím being stupid, Iím aware of that but hey
B            Bb               F7       Cm
This is just something that I gotta do
B         Cm Ab
Yeah, yeahÖ

F Bb Eb B
F Bb Eb B

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