Lemonade Mouth - Somebody chords version 5

Capo 4

D G Asus D

Vs. 1
DCan you see me?
GCause I'm right here
D(Bm?)Can You listen?
AsusCause I've been trying to make you notice,
DWhat it would mean to me
GTo feel like somebody
BmWe've been on our way to nowhere
AsusTryin so hard to get there
And I say Chorus:
GWe're gonna let it show!
D(Bm?)We're gonna just let go of everything
AsusHolding back our dreams!
D GAnd try, to make it come alive
Bm Come on let it shine so they can see
AsusWe were meant to be
D G Bm Asus DSomebody, Somebody, yeah, Somehow, someday, someway, Somebody
Vs. 2
DI'm so tired
GOf being invisible
D(Bm?)But I feel it, yeah
AsusLike a fire below the surface
DTrying to set me free
GBurning inside of me
BmCause were standing on the edge now
AsusIt's a long way down
And I say, (Repeat Chorus) Bridge:
BmWe will walk out of the darkness
Asus G Feel the spotlight glowing like a yellow sun
Oh ooh whoa ooh oh
BmAnd then we fought, we fought together
Asus G 'Til we get back up and we will rise as one
Oh ooh whoa ooh oh (Repeat Chorus)
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