Lemonheads – Hannah & Gabi tab


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"Hannah & Gabi"

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Corrected by:  Chris Bray (cbray@comp.uark.edu)

D(add9) Am(add9) G|--0--------5---0---0---|---7----7----7-----3--||--7--------7---7---0---|---0----0----0-----0--||--7--------7---7---5---|---5----5----5-----0--||--0--------0---0---7---|---7----7----7-----0--||-------------------0---|---0----0----0-----2--||-----------------------|-------------------3--|
|--------------3----3---|--------------3--3--3-||--------------0----0---|--------------0--0--0-||--------------0----0---|--------------0--0--0-||--------------0----0---|--------------0--0--0-| Repeat|-----0h2---------------|-----0h2--------------||--3-------3------------|--3--------3----------|
D(add9) Am(add9) G Got me watching your eyes watching things go by outside D(add9) Am(add9) G out the window of a train D Am(add9) G easy sipping them just seeing it fly left to right D(add9) Am(add9) G pour the milk and I'll say when Em A7 G I'm out wandering around. Em A G You're but one thing I've found. D Em G I don't mean to bring you down. Em A G I'm out wandering around. D(add9) Am(add9) G kinda hoped you wouldn't blame me D(add9) Am(add9) G I can't wake up every day and find the same me D(add9) Am(add9) G you can scream but I'll just dream how you might disappear D(add9) Am(add9) G all I know is it's never clear Em A7 G I can't hold you near. Em A G you just are not here. D Em G though it wasn't hard or far. Em A G I walked you to your car. Bm A G Em Oh.... Bm A G Em Oh.... Bm A/C# G/D Em Oh.... Bm A/C# G/D Em Oh.... D Em G G D
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