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"It's About Time"

From:  Vidat Bergh (vidarb@alkymi.unit.no)

Dmaj7 GaddDE--2-----5---2--------3-|B--2-----2---2--------3-|G--2-----2---2--------0-| . . . . . .D--0-----0---0--------0-|A---------------------2-|E---------------------3-| ^ v v ^ v ^
( ^ = Downstroke, v = Upstroke) Dmaj7 GaddD Bite my tongue Dmaj7 GaddD and I won't say a word against anyone F#m Bm but I don't wanna get my fingers wet GaddD Em unless it's an accident fell out on the street now I'm watching my shoes and I grit my teeth but I don't have to look that way if I had half a say D/F# GaddD It's about time D/F# GaddD It's about time D/F# GaddD lick my lips D/F# GaddD and I won't hear the end of this On your knees a reassurance buy some time and come back for it before long before it's gone patience is like bread I say I ran out of that yesterday it's about time it's about time G enough about us let's talk about me if not about you A It's not about sunshine It's about time It's about time touch my leg It's smooth but there stubble there I'll fall back and let'em go only when I know you know I don't know make me sure Have your people contact mine and keep your lawyer on the line it's about time (x4) Chords: EADGBE Dmaj7 : xx0222 GaddD : 320033 F#m : 244222 Bm : x24432 Em : 022000 D/F# : 200232 G : 355433 (played somewhat subdued) A : 577655 (played somewhat subdued) ----- "It's About Time" From: Yamin Jie (jace@spin.net.au)
-2--5----2--3---3--3-0---|--2--5----2--3---3--3-0----------------|-2--3----2--3---3--3-0---|--2--3----2--3---3--3-0----------------|-2--0----2--0---0--0-0---|--2--0----2--0---0--0-0----------------|-0--0----0--0---0--0-0---|--0--0----0--0---0--0-0----------------|-x--x----x--x---x--x-x---|-------------2---2--2------------------|-x--x----x--x---x--x-x---|-------------3---3--3------------------| But This is how Evan plays it on the "Twoweeks in Australia video"
-x--x--x--x-----|-x--x--x--x-----|-x--x--x--x-----|-x--x--x--x-----|this is just the chords no strumming pattern shown-5--7--5--7-----|-3--5--3--5-----|enough about us let's talk about me
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