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"Down about it"

 Intro:  D  | E(high) | B  | A  | G  | F# | E  | A

 Verse:  D  | E(high) | B  | A  | G  | F# | E  | E

         D  | E(high) | B  | A  | G  | F# | E  | A

 Refrain:  G | A  (a couple of times)

 In the last refrain there is a bridge which goes E | A | E | A

 A:00220x  C:00553x   D:00775x   E:000220   F#:000442   G:000553
 A:000775  B:00442x   E(high):00997x  G(high):0 0 12 12 10

"Down About It"
From: Yamin Jie (jace@spin.net.au)

Down about it is played with a capo at the 2nd fret but it is played
without it on the
"it's about time single". It's sounds better without the capo if you
are playing it solo on the acoustic.

The tabs and chords are relative to the capo. i'm not going to show the
strumming, just the chords.


C Em Am ? F Em Dm G-0----0----0----0----1----0----1---3----------------------------------|-1----0----1----0----1----0----3---0----------------------------------|-0----0----2----0----2----0----2---0----------------------------------|-2----2----2----0----3----2----0---0----------------------------------|-3----2----0----x----3----2----x---2----------------------------------|-x----0----x----3----1----0----x---3----------------------------------|
VERSES C - Em - Am - ? - F - Em - Dm C - Em - Am - ? - F - Em - Dm - G
CHORUS Dm C-0---0-------------------------------------------1-----0-----------------|-1---0-------------------------------------------3-----1-----------------|-0---0-------------------------------------------2-----0-----------------|-3---0-------------------------------------------0-----2-----------------|-3---x-------------------------------------------x-----3-----------------|-x---3-------------------------------------------x-----x-----------------|
play that several times then after the second verse
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