Lemuria – Wardrobe chords

                             WARDROBE - Lemuria
Tabbed by: Mean Mr Mustard

This song is short and very simple, so I figured I would try to get the chords 
down. I might do more Lemuria songs in the future, I love this band.

Tuning: Standard

C Am FI found the pack of cigarettes that you were always quitting
C Am FYou always leave a mess purging your pockets in the laundry
C Am FAll your clothes were donated because none of them fit me
G Am FMy legs are too long
C Am FThe thrift store is so cold and the service is lousy
C Am FI want to punch the clerk's lights out as he accepts the shirt
C Am FThat was a present and the first time that i ever spent money
G Am F G FI was two or three counting on my fingers
(F) G (C)I should've bought you a drink
C Am F x2 G F
C Am FThe events move faster than i can show my anger
C Am FI want to practice my contempt to not be pushed over
C Am FI tell your story like a thrifty book
G Am F G F GWith the previous owner who highlighted the parts they liked the most.
Ends sorta abruptly there.
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