Lene Marlin - What If tab version 2

Tab to the intro and the plucked parts in the song "What If" by Lene Marlin.
I dont know if it is the right tab, but it sounds pretty much the same.
( I play this tab with Capo 1 )

Link to the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7f9UNn7PY7w

Tab: Intro and Verse. D A Bm Ge----------0------------------0------------------2-----------------2--------|b------3------3---3-------2------2---2-------3------3---3------2-----2---2--|g----2---2------2-------2---2------2-------4---4------4------0---0-----0----|D--0------------------2-----------------------------------------------------|A----------------------------------------2----------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------------------2----------------|
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