Lene Marlin – Sitting Down Here tab

Sitting Down Here
By Lene Marlin
Tabbed by: Michael A. Oliveros


I'm sitting down here
But, hey, you can't see me...

D A Em GE|----------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------|G|----------------------------------------------|D|----2h4--4--0--0h2---------0--0h2--2h4--------|A|--------------------0--0h2--------------0h2---|E|----------------------------------------------|
D A EmE|----------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------|G|--------------------------2-------------------|D|----2h4--4--0--0h2----2h4---2-----------------|A|--------------------5-------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------|
1st Stanza: G Your words cut rather deeply A That's just some other lies D I'm hiding from a distance A I've got to pay the price G Defending all against it A I really don't know why Bm You're obsessed with all my secrets A You always make me cry 2nd Stanza: G You seem to wanna hurt me A No matter what I do D I'm telling you just a couple Bm But somehow it gets to you G But I've learned to get revenge A Bm G And I swear you'll experience that some day Refrain: D I'm sitting down here A But, hey, you can't see me Em G A Kinda Invisible, you don't sense my stay D A Not really hiding, not like a shadow Em Bm-A Just thought I would join you for one day D A G I'm sitting down here, but hey you can't see me (Do 1st Stanza Chords) I'm not trying to avoid you, Just don't wanna hear your voice When you call me up so often, I don't really have a choice You're talking like you know me And wanna be my friend But that's really too late now, I won't try it once again (Do 2nd Stanza Chords) You may think that I'm loser, That I don't really care You may think that it's all forgotten, But you should be aware Cause I've learned to get revenge And I swear you'll experience that some day (Repeat refrain except last line, 2x) Adlib: (Do intro) (Repeat 2nd stanza) (repeat refrain except last line, 3x) Fade... Greetings: Hello sa mga taga IDFS Morocco. Sa band mates: JV, Marzon, Baxter, Abi... :) kay Ate Mayo, Kuya Vuvoy, at kay Ichibai n nsa pinas na.
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