Lenny Kravitz - Circus tab

			Circus - Lenny Kravitz
					Album - Circus
				Tabbed by Frederic Maquet

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I was hoping someone would tab this song, but no one did, so I
had to do it.  I think it's one of his best ones.

Hard (ish) chords:
C#maj7:  445454   Eb6  665555  Fm  133111  C6  032110

Intro/Verse: ------------ Riff1: Fm G# (or Eb6) C#maj7 Ce:--------------------------|----------------------------|B:-------1------------------|----------------------------|G:----1-----1---------5-----|--------5-------------5-----|D:-----------------6-----6--|-----6-----6-------5-----5--|A:--------------6-----------|--4-------------3-----------|E:-1------------------------|----------------------------| "One day when I was searching..."
Fm G# C#maj7 C One day when I was searching Fm G# C#maj7 C For what I'll never find
Riff 2: Eb6 G#7?e:--------------------------|--------------------------|B:--------------------------|--------------------------|G:--------5-----------5-----|--------5--3--------5--3--|D:-----8-----8-----8-----8--|-----4-----------4--------|A:--6-----------6-----------|--------------------------|E:--------------------------|--4-----------4-----------| "...She walked into my story..." ".
C#maj7 Ce:-------------------------|--------------------------|B:-------------------------|--------------------------|G:-------5-----------5-----|--------5-----------3-----|D:----6-----6-----6-----6--|-----5-----5-----5-----5--|A:-4-----------4-----------|--3-----------3-----------|E:-------------------------|--------------------------| ..said she could change my..mind..."
Eb6 G#7 She walked into my story C#maj7 C Said she could change my mind... (Riff 1) This is the final offer She said to make it clear (Riff 2) Don't lose out on this wonder So I had to place my bets Chorus 1: --------- Fm Eb G# Welcome to the picture show C# Eb watching your life Fm Eb G# Never know which way to go C# It might not be right (No chords) So better be strong Play riff 1...once Verse 2: -------- (Riff 1) What kind of circus is this? What kind of fools are we? (Riff 2) When is the final curtain What can I do to set me free Chorus 2: (same chords as chorus 1) --------- Welcome to the real world Better be strong Never know which way to go It might end up wrong So better be string Play Riff 1...once. Bridge: ------- C# Eb Fm Too many games we have to play C# Eb Fm They always blame the rules C# Eb Fm C# You and me just trying to get along C What can I do...got to be strong.
Solo: (played over Riff 1)----- Fm G# etc...e:---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B:---13b~~-------------------------------------------------------------------|G:----------13-15------------------------------------------------------------|D:----------------15~~~---13-15----------------------------------------------|A:------------------------------15~~--15h16p15-15h16p15--13-11---------------|E:-------------------------------------------------------------13-11-8~~~--/1|
(Riff 2) She walked into my daydream She told me how it...had to be Play chorus 1 and 2 (Riff 1) ...So better be strong Play riff 1 again Got to be strong Riff 1- ultra slow C6 Fm You better be strooooong -Fred
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