Lenny Kravitz – Rock And Roll Is Dead tab

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Date: Fri, 29 Sep 95 16:36:56 0500
From: Bryan Pero 
Subject: TAB:LennyKravitz"Rock and Roll is Dead"

Lenny Kravitz- 
┬│Rock and Roll is Dead┬▓
Transcribed by Bryan Pero(perob@willow.uml.edu)

Well these are just all the basic Led Zeppelinish riffs in the 
song and how they fit with the lyrics.  I have most of the 
solo figured out and I┬╣ll post it later, if you really want 

Intro/Rythym figure 1.(ryth.fig.1. is intro w/out muted strum 
and slide from 17th fret).  This is two guitars playing 
together(L.Kravitz and Craig Ross) arranged for one guitar:
-Palm Mute-E--------------------------------------------------------B--X-X-X----------------------------------X/17-17-17-17--G--X-X-X----------------------------------X/17-17-17-17--D--X-X-X----------------3-----------------X/17-17-17-17--A--X-X-X-------------3^5--5^3-------------X/17-17-17-17--E---------17\--3-4-5----------5^3--3-4-5-----------------
Before each verse Ryth.fig.1. ends with this little riff (ending on either D or E). There are 2 guitar parts. So, again, this comes right after you play rthy.fig.1. and are about to go into a verse:
Gtr.1 A G D or E (let the D and E chords sustain)E--------2-----4--B--2-----3--or-5--G--2-----2-----4--D--2--------------A-----------------E-----3-----------
Gtr.2 A G D or E (let D and E sustain)E------------------B------------------G------------------D------------------A--------5---or-7--E--5--3------------
Fill #1 (this occurs mainly right after a verse, before Ryth.fig.1 is played)E---------------------B---------------------G---------------------D---------3-----------A--5~-3-5---5^3-------E---------------5-3---
Rythym fig. 2 (played during solo with ryth.fig.1)E-------------------------------B-------------------------------G------------3------------------D--------3-5---5^3--------------A--3-4-5-----------5-3--3-4-5---E-------------------------------
Variation on ryth.fig.1.(towards and at end of song)E---------------------------------B---------------------------------G---------------------------------D-----------3---------------------A--------3^5--5^3-----------------E--3-4-5----------5^3--3-3-4-4-5--
Fill #2(after vaariation on ryth.fig 1.)E---------------B---------------G--3------------D----5-3--------A-------5-3-----E-----------5---
Lyrics w/riffs: D fill #1 rythfig1.end on D You think you┬╣re on top of the world but it┬╣s really over D fill#1 rth.fig 1. Runnin┬╣ round with diamond rings and coke spoons that are overflowin┬╣ Rythfig.1 end on E Rock and Roll is dead E fill#1 Rtyhfig 1. All the money in the world can┬╣t buy you from the place you┬╣re going to Ryth.fig.1 end on D Oooh Yeah Rock and Roll is dead (3x) D fill#1 R.fig1.end on D You can┬╣t even sing or play an instrument you just scream instead, ooh yeah! D fill#1. rtyfig1. You┬╣re living for an image so you┬╣ve got 500 women in your bed Ryth.fig.1. end on E Ooh Yeah, Rock and Roll is dead E fill#1 But it┬╣s real hard to be yourself when you┬╣re living with those demons in your ryhfig.1 ryth.fig.1. Head, Ooh Yeah, Rock and Roll is dead Gutiar Solo (w/ryth.fig 1 and 2 end w/fill#1) Ryth.fig.1. Rock and Roll is dead Repeat with Variation on Ryth.fig.1. and fill #2 End on Variation of Ryth.fif.2. That┬╣s it!
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