Lenny Kravitz – Dont Go And Put A Bullet In Your Head tab

Converted from "LennyKravits_dontgoandputabulletinyourhead.txt"Don't Go And Put
Yourself A Bullet In Your Head

Em Bm C De|-7-7--7-7---8-8--10-10---|B|-8-8--7-8---8-8--10-12---|G|-9-9--7-7---9-9--12-12---|D|-------------------------|A|-------------------------|E|-------------------------| Em Bmch: Don't go and put a bullet in your head C DJust turn your life around insteadDon't go and put a bullet in your head
I'm gonna get it, but workin' nine to five just doesn't let it I feel I'm wastin' time and I regret it Can't even feed my kids and my wife C D Oh I'm longing to find it C D A taste of the sweeter life oh my C D Em Only takes a little time Ain't got no credit, can't even pay my rent, where will I get it? There's a liquor store right down the block I'll get it Can't even feed the pain in my heart Oh I'm longing to find A piece of the bigger pie, oh my Only it takes a little time Enjoy! If you have any comments please mail Source : Marcel Alberts (Holland) E-Mail : marcelalberts@hotmail.com undefined undefined More... undefined [Close] undefined [Close]
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