Leon Russell - Lady Blue chords version 1

Lady Blue by Leon Russell from Will O' The Wisp
Submitted by Bendave     cbennett35@nc.rr.com

In listening to the record, I think this version is in the right key. 
You may find it easier to play by using the transpose function to get to any easier set of chords.
FYI; I'm not sure of some of these chords.  The song is really challenging. 
Not many simple major or minor chords, for sure.

Intro: Fmaj7 (8th fret) - Bbm7 (6th fret) - Fmaj7- Bbm7- Fmaj7- Bbm7
C F Dm Am7 (5TH fret)Well , you're showing me a different sign, Even after the flame is dying
Bb A Bb Dm A7 DmYou'll get used to me baby, you just wait and see oh lady,
Bb7 A7 Dm Bbm7Cause I've been in love before, And I love you a whole lot more.
C7 F Dm Am7 If you want it to be real good to ya, When I'm layin here making love to ya,
Bb A Bb Dm A7 DmListen real close to me lady, I want to get it straight right now baby,
A Bb7 C FCause I'm lovin more and more and more, Lady Blue.
Emaj7 (7th fret) Bm7(7TH fret) Sad baby, blue lady, Sing me your love song,
C9 Cmaj7I just want you to know, that I'm lovin' you more and more and more.
C7 F So if you want it to be real good to ya,
Dm Am7 (5TH)when I'm layin here makin' love to ya,
Bb A Bb Dm A7 DmListen real close to me baby, you just wait and see lady,
Bb7 A7 Dm A7 Bb7I've got a lotta love to give ya, I've got a whole life to spend if you'll
Gm7 C7 F C7 Just let me sing a sweet love song, Lady Blue, oh sing a love song,
FLady Blue
Fmaj7 Bbm7(6th) Am7 Bbm7 Emaj7 Bm7 C9 Cmaj7 C7 B7 A7E|----8--------6-------5------1-----7------7-----3-----3-----3-----2---0--| B|---10--------6-------5------2-----9------7-----3-----5-----5-----4---2--| G|----9--------6-------5------1-----8------7-----3-----4-----3-----2---0--| D|---10--------6-------5------3-----9------7-----2-----5-----5-----4---2--| A|----8--------8-------7------1-----7------9-----3-----3-----3-----2---0--| E|----8--------6-------5------1-----7------7-----------3-----3-----2---0--|
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