Leona Lewis – Dont Let Me Down chords

 -- Leona Lewis – Don't Let Me Down --

standard tuning EADGBE

tabbed by x-tasha-x

Hey I heard this song on youtube and I think it's going to be on Leona's new album 
so I thought i'd tab it out =D

The songs the same all the way through except from the bridge

Intro/Verse/Chorus: Cm Eb Ab EbE||------------------------------------| B||------------------------------------| G||------------------------------------|D||-5555555-88888888---------88888888--| A||-3333333-66666666-6666666-66666666--| E||------------------4444444-----------|
Bridge:“you've been running so long, I see you"... F Eb Ab FE||---------------------------------| |-------------------|B||---------------------------------|x3|-------------------|G||---------------------------------| |-------------------|D||-------8--8888-------------------| |-------------------|A||-3-33--6--6666-6666666666666666--| |-3333333333333333--|E||-1-11----------4444444444444444--| |-1111111111111111--|
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