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Tabbed by Tullia Dymarz, tdymarz@gpu.srv.ualberta.ca

Memories-Leonard Cohen-Death of a Ladies Man

Comments: the notes in () should be stressed for they are the base
line, this piece is not in the original key, all notes are of equal
value. This piece sounds better on the piano but this quitar version
is mellower

e---------------|---------------|---------------|----------------||b--------1------|--------1------|--------1------|------0---------||g------2---2----|------2---2----|------2---2----|----0-----------||d----0----------|----2----------|----3----------|----------------||a-(3)-------(2)-|-(0)-----------|---------------|---------(0)(2)-||E---------------|-----------(3)-|-(1)-------(1)-|-(3)---(3)------|| Frankie Lane, he was singing Jezebel I pinned an Iron Cross to my lapel
e---------------|--------0------|------0-----0--|------0---------||b--------1------|------3---3----|----1-----1----|----1-----------||g------2--------|----1------(0)-|-(2)---(2)-----|-(2)---(2)(0)---||d----0----(0)(1)|-(2)-----------|---------------|------------(2)-||a-(3)-----------|---------------|---------------|----------------||E---------------|---------------|---------------|----------------|| I walked up to the tallest and the blondest girl I said, Look, you don't know me now but very soon you will
e---------------|---------------||b--------1------|--------1------||g------2--------|------2--------||d----3----------|----0----------||a---------(0)(2)|-(3)-----(2)(0)||E-(1)-----------|---------------|| So won't you let me see, I said "won't you let me see"
F F F F F F F F F F... I said "won't you let me see Your naked body?" Just dance me to the dark side of the gym Chances are I'll let you do most anything I know you're hungry, I can hear it in your voice And there are many parts of me to touch, you have your choice Ah but no you cannot see She said "no you cannot see" She said "no you cannot see My naked body" So We're dancing close, the band is playing Stardust Balloons and paper streamers floating down on us She says, You've got a minute left to fall in love In solemn moments such as this I have put my trust And all my faith to see I said all my faith to see I said all my faith to see Her naked body
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