Leonard Cohen - Amen chords

Amen Chords By Leonard Cohen
C#m F#mTell me again when I've been to the river and I've taken the edge off my thirst
C#m F#mTell me again we're alone & I'm listening I'm listening so hard that it hurts
ATell me again when I'm clean and I'm sober
ETell me again when I've seen through the horror
B ATell me again tell me over and over
G#7Tell me you want me then
Tell me again when the victims are singing And Laws of Remorse are restored Tell me again that you know what I'm thinking But vengeance belongs to the lord [Chorus] Tell me again when the day has been ransomed and night has no right to begin Try me again when the angels are panting and scratching the door to come in [Chorus] Tell me again when the filth of the butcher is washed in the blood of the lamb Tell me again when the rest of the culture has passed thru' the Eye of the Camp [Chorus]
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