Les Miserables – Stars chords

E C#mThere, out in the darkness
AA fugitive running
BFallen from grace
EFallen from grace
C#mGod be my witness
AI never shall yield
BTill we come face to face
C#mTill we come face to face
F#mHe knows his way in the dark
G#mMine is the way of the Lord
AAnd those who do follow the path of the righteous
EShall have their reward
AmAnd if they fall
D7As Lucifer fell
GThe flame
BThe sword!
C#mIn your multitudes
AScarce to be counted
BFilling the darkness
EWith order and light
C#mYou are the sentinels
ASilent and sure
BKeeping watch in the night
C#mKeeping watch in the night
F#mYou know your place in the sky
G#mYou hold your course and your aim
And each in your season
AReturns and returns
EAnd is always the same
Am D7And if you fall as Lucifer fell
BYou fall in flame!
E G#mAnd so it has been and so it is written
Bm AOn the doorway to paradise
Am EThat those who falter and those who fall
F# BMust pay the price!
(Im not sure about the chords for the tiny bit here)
Bm CLord let me find him
Am DThat I may see him
D7 GSafe behind bars
EmI will never rest
AmTill then
DThis I swear
GThis I swear by the stars!
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