Less Than Jake – Black Coffee On The Table tab

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Date: Sun, 12 Oct 1997 15:23:43 -0300
From: Patrick Thomas 
Subject: Tab "Black Coffee On The Table" Artist "Less Than Jake"

Artist: Less Than Jake
Song: Black Coffee On The Table
Album: Pezcore
Tabbed by Patrick Thomas

It's a pretty easy 5 chord punk song. Listen to the song for the exact


A5 F#5 D5 E5 C#5|----------------------------------||----------------------------------||-----------------7------9------6--||-7-------4-------7------9------6--||-7-------4-------5------7------4--||-5-------2------------------------|
Intro: A5-F#5-D5 Verse: A5-F#5-D5 If Only..... Pre-Chorus F#5-D5-E5-D5 And I Watch The Steam.... The "Ohhhhh" chorus has a particular picking but the riff is as followed
Play in this Order... -Intro(x2) -Verse(x4) -Pre-Chorus(x4) -Chorus(x2) -Verse(x8) -Pre-Chorus(x4) -Chorus(x2) -Verse(x4) -Bass Part -The two last chords of Pre-Chorus -Chorus(x2) -Verse(x4) Lyrics: Verse If only my problems were like water they could be boiled away and watching the steam drift upward, watching my problems drift away. Pre-Chorus: And watch the steam turn and twist, watch it all drift away. Look how it rises and lifts watch my problems drift away. Chorus: Ohh ohhh ohhh
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