Less Than Jake – Process tab

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Date: Sun, 12 Oct 1997 15:06:26 -0300
From: Patrick Thomas 
Subject: Tab "Process" Artist "Less than Jake"

Artist: Less than Jake				
Song: Process
Album: Pezcore
Tabbed by: Patrick Thomas
E-Mail: Pathomas@videotron.ca

Another coo punk rock song by Less than Jake from their album "Pezcore"

Chords used in the song:

G5 D5 B5 C5 E5|-----------------------||-----------------------||------7----4----5----9-||-5----7----4----5----9-||-5----5----2----3----7-||-3---------------------|
Intro G5 Verse1: G5-D5-B5-C5 Pre-Chorus: D5-B5-C5 Chorus: G5-D5-E5-C5 So basically these are the main riffs of the song, listen to the song for the exact picking. Play the song in this order.... -Intro Verse(x4) Pre-Chorus(x4) Chorus (x2) Verse(x2) Pre-Chorus(x4) Chorus(x2) -Then u got a smilar riff as the Chorus one but u have one more chord G5-D5-E5-D5-C5(x2) -Bass Part G5-D5-E5-D5-C5(x2) Verse(x4) Fade Out with the G5 chord
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