Less Than Jake - Overated Everything Is tab

Less Than Jake
Overated [Everything is]

Riff One [Intro and Verses]

e|-------------|B|-------------|G|-5-----------|D|-5--5--7--3--|A|-3--5--7--3--|E|----3--5--1--| C G A F
Riff Two [Pre Chorus]
e|--------------|B|--------------|G|--------5-----|D|--7--3--5--5--|A|--7--3--3--5--|E|--5--1-----3--| A F C G
Riff Three [Chorus]
e|-------------|B|-------------|G|-5-----------|D|-5--5--7--8--|A|-3--5--7--8--|E|----3--5--6--| C G A A#
Riff Four [Wo-oh Bit]e|----------------------|B|----------------------|G|-5-----------5--------|D|-5--3--5--6--5--3--5--|A|-3--3--5--6--3--3--5--|E|----1--3--4-----1--3--| C F G C# C F G
Riff Five
e|----------------------|B|----------------------|G|-5--7-------10--12----|D|-5--7-[x3]--10--12----|A|-3--5-------8---10----|E|----------------------| C D F* C*
Riff One x4 ----First Verse No Guitar------- Riff One x2 Riff Two x2 Riff Three x4 Riff One x4 Riff Two x2 Riff Three x4 Riff Four x2 Riff Five Riff One x4 Riff Three x4 Riff Four x2 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- erm well this is my first tab did the whole thing by ear so thers mite b a few mistakes. if u got any questions add me on msn guitar-rocker101@hotmail.co.uk Please Check Out www.myspace.com/greenstickfractureuk or www.greenstickfractureuk.bebo.com
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