Level 42 – World Machine tab

Left handed
World Machine
Level 42
World Machine 1985

|Bb F| |Bbmaj7 Bb| |Bb F| |Bbmaj7 Bb| |Bb|

Some folks try
Cm Gm
To multiply
Cm   Gm
From sunrise to sunset

Leave behind
Cm   Gm
More of their kind
Cm Gm
So no one will forget
                       F#o   Eb Bbmaj7 F Bbmaj7
But that aint where Im com - ing from - today
       Bb   Cm        Fm7  Bb Bbmaj7
Those easy girls dont turn me on - anyway
         Cm           F#o   Eb  Bbmaj7
I wanna know where my pride has gone

The partys over
Caught in a dream
  Ebm                 Gm
Inside this world machine

Teachers teach
And preachers preach
Of spiritual evolution
But this big I am
From uncle sham
Just adds to my confusion
Ive seen his face, Ive heard his song - before
But I dont care what time hes on - anymore
I must have been on the streets too long
The partys over
Caught in a dream
Inside this world machine

I find myself outside your door
Trying to make it like before

But you dont follow what I say
           F             C
And I can tell by your smile
          Em        Bm
You're no longer a child
That part of you was buried yesterday 
who knows
                   Gm       Gm6
Why they come and where they go
In this world machine? 

Its the chosen fools
Who make the rules
That dont apply to me
With their fast-car games
And counter claims
Not my reality

                  F#o Eb Bbmaj7  F Bbmaj7
And I dont know if I  belong  -  today
  Bb         Cm      Fm      Bb7 Bbmaj7
I don't know why my friends have gone away
             Cm7         F#o    Eb  Bbmaj7
I must have been on the streets too long

The partys over
Caught in a dream
       Eb    Ebm  Ebm6  Bb   Em7
Inside this world mac - hine
         C C7 Bb Gm
World Machine
         C C7 Bb Bb7 F7
World Machine

Bb                   Bb7 F7
Don't knock the system
Bb                    Bbmaj7  Bb Bb7 F7
We'll knock some sense in    you
Bb                    C Em C
Don't beat the system
Eo     F       G7  G9  C7 Cm7 F7 Bb
theres nothing you can do

I'm not sure about the Gm6 in the chorus.
Oh and the last chord of the SECOND 
verse is Bb, not Gm.
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