Level 42 - Heaven In My Hands tab

Heaven In My Hands
Level 42
Staring at the Sun 1988

How real music goes...
Watch for the major to minor in the intro!

|G F| |C D| |D| |D|

|G F| |C D| |D| |Dm7|

|Dm7| |Dm7| |Dm7|

I'm going nowhere

Gotta face up to it

Gotta wake up to it

I feel so guilty

Killing time is a sin
Theres no way you can win
                Fsus2    Cmaj7/G  Cm/Eb
A dam burst of dreams flow thru me
     Cmaj7   Fsus2    G       Dm7 
They show me where I could be

Flash point feelings flow

Thru my mind moving

Gsus4             D7sus4/A
From the mountains to the sea
   Cadd9            Fadd9
I'll run across this land
Gsus4           D7sus4/A
Looking out for strength and beauty
  Cadd9          Fadd9
A diamond in the sand
Gsus4               D7sus4/A
And I will chase the four winds over
Cadd9          Fadd9
Trying to understand
Gsus4           D7sus4/A
And I wont stop until I'm holding
Cadd9        Fadd9
Heaven in my hands
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