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From: "Matthew Kilsby" 
Subject: l/levellers/celebrate.crd
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 18:55:21 +0100

This is "Celebrate" by the Levellers and is the third single on the "Mouth
to Mouth" album.  Like all Levellers songs it is quite easy to play but it
is very enjoyable.  The guitar should be capoed on the third fret so it can
be played in D and therefore sound like the CD.  If you have any corrections
mail me at Matt.Kilsby@BTInternet.com

D, G (x8)

1st verse
	   D		  G		 D	     G
Amid the sound and lights on a table of friends
D	G	Em
Ev'rybody's fine
			   D	G		D, G (x3)
They're all drinking wine yeah
		   D	     G	   D	     G
Twas they who fell in love in a crowded room
    D		G	    Em		     D  G	   D, G (x3)
Not for the first but for the thousandth time yeah

		D	  G  D	     G  D		G	Em
And so you celebrate, you celebrate, you celebrate your love
			G				A
With a little house just made for two
				G			   A
With all the lovely things you can but brand new
				G					Em7
You're gonna settle down just the both of you
						D  G  	D, G (x7)
You're gonna be a good soul from now on yeah.

2nd verse
(Same chords as first verse)

And when the sap first rose back in the days
You thought you'd play it smart
The trail of broken hearts yeah
You said they won't find you. they won't find you
They won't find you just living in a box for two.


A			     C
  So when you catch an eye
	   F				C
And your dancing heart starts telling you the lies
A			    C
  You're doing it to survive
	F		     C		     G	Em	A
What else can hurt so much it makes you cry?

D,G (x4)


After "Just the both of you" comes:

Em7						   D G	D, G (x3)
   You're gonna be a good soul from now on yeah

Dmaj7, G (Repeat to fade)

It is best to finish Dmaj7, G, D
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