Levellers - Is This Art tab

Levellers - Is This Art?

Gtr 1 
Em – C – Em – C – Em – C – Em - C

Gtr 2e|------------------------------|---------------------------|B|------------------------------|---------------------------|G|------------------------------|-5--4--2-------------------|D|-2-4-5-2-4-5-2-2--4-5-2-4-5-2-|----------5--4--2-----2----|A|------------------------------|-------------------5-------|E|------------------------------|---------------------------|
Verse: Em they took me to the battlefield C saw the mushroom clouds, said Em “i can see the colours even C when my head is bowed” they Em showed me the destruction, the C slaughter a la carte Am isn’t nature wonderful, G D but is this Em art? Em – C – Em – C they took me to the hospital and pulled aside the sheet, said “look at that pulsating, just listen to the beat” showed me the incision then took away my heart isn’t nature wonderful, but is this art? they took me to the scientist, opened up a phial said “this is only chickenpox and rhino bile.” showed me what it did to mice and this is just the start. isn’t nature wonderful, but is this art? took me to the tenement kicked down the door said have you seen the copulation practised by the poor we select the ones to breed then we reject the part isn’t nature wonderful, but is this art?
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