Levellers - Men-an-tol tab

My favourite levs song, 
Its not exactly like the record, but then the levs play it differently every time. 
Just play it and see how it sounds.  
The open strings and () are mostly incidental and not part of the tune

the 5/4 bar exists in some live performances, 
whether it was intentional i don't know, 
but i like it. so i play it in everytime


D5 Dsus2 Fmaj7 the root 'D' chords are interchaged with Dm and the Fmaj7 with an F chord|----0------0-||-3--3------1-||-2--2------2-||-0--0------3-||-----------3-||-----------1-| (T)
4/4 2/4 Gtr I|----------------|----------------|------------------|-----------||-----0-3-3--3-3-|-------0-3--3-3-|-----(0)-3-3--3-3-|-----------||-----0-2-2--2-2-|-------0-2--2-2-|-----(0)-2-2--2-2-|-----------||-----0---0--0-0-|-2p0---0-0--0-0-|-----(0)---0--0-0-|-2p0---(0)-||-0h3------------|-----3----------|-0h3--------------|-----3-----||----------------|----------------|------------------|-----------|
5/4 4/4|----0----0---0-|-0---------------|----------------|----------------||----1----1---1-|-1p(0)-3--3--3-3-|-----0-3-3--3-3-|-------0-3--3-3-||----2----2---2-|-2p(0)-2--2--2-2-|-----0-2-2--2-2-|-------0-2--2-2-||----3----3---3-|-3p=0--0--0--0-0-|-----0---0--0-0-|-2p0---0-0--0-0-||----3----3---3-|-3p=0------------|-0h3------------|-----3----------||-1-------------|-----------------|----------------|----------------|
[Use a riff sim to intro for verse] D5 So I find myself among Fmaj7 The brave Southwestern hills D5 Running like a madman on the moor D5 Let the sweet Atlantic rain Fmaj7 Wash away my ill's D5 Men-An-Tol shone strangely in the storm picked Fmaj7 I get the strangest feeling Dsus2 In the air around Fmaj7 Dsus2 It's more than just a feeling Fmaj7 A different way of seeing Dsus2 A different kind of life Fmaj7 Dsus2 Something I believe in Am But in amongst the city lights Dsus2 The feeling's not so clear Am Faceless signs and neon lights Dsus2 Hide what I hold dear F It's there to find if you have the mind G (N.C) And you don't live in fear of it I rest among what still remains Of lives that passed before Lighting strikes the top of Zennor Tor I find myself amazed again At man's pathetic score Years of knowledge wasted and ignored There we go. Think thats it. The electric gtr parts follow along the same lines - with plenty of drive:) . There's hammers and Pulloffs partic. at the end of lines which are fairly easy to work out. Mail me comments etc Bassetrox (tabcomments.10.bassetrox@spamgourmet.com)
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