Lianne La Havas – Tokyo chords

[Verse 1]
BmI am neon
F#mCold neon
Em Em F#mNot a mystery
BmAll I've every known is
F#mHow to be alone
Em Em F#mIt comes naturally
[Pre-chorus] Prechorus Picking + Bass notes - chords listed below are bass notes, 00.53 - 1.14Em Bm D Em literally just strumming Em here until the F# works fine Oh baby, can I hold you?
(Bm) D D BmSuch a cold, cold night
Em Bm D Em I thought I wouldn't need to
(Bm) D D BmI've got my neon lights
Em Bm D EmI'm longing just to feel you
(Bm) D D BmTo know that it's alright
Em Bm D F#\ Oh baby baby baby baby
[Chorus] Groovy slap bass + strum chords(?) + maybe intro picking if you feel like it 1.15 - 1.41
Bm F#mI'm out of sight
Em I'm out of mind
Em F#mAlone in Tokyo
Bm F#mYou're out of reach
EmWrong place, wrong time
Em F#m Bm
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