Libertines - Bucket Shop chords

well, as ive recently seen a video on youtube with pete doherty playing this song 
alone, with only one acoustic guitar.. I think its time to post the exact chords 
he uses. great song and 100 % accurate tab. look carefully at the chord spelling 
just down here, Im not musician and I dont know their real names, so Ive called 
them Am1, Am2, Am3 etc..:


Am: 577555Am1: 576555
Am2: 575555 D7: 557575 or 000212 Dm7: 557565 or 000211
E: 022100Am4: x7675x
C: 8-10-10-9-8-8 G: 355433
G#: 466544Am5: The only chord im not sure about, its 000000 or maybe 000010 both
sound right to me, so choose which u prefer :) C/B: 020100 F: 133211
Am Am1First stop was the bucket shop
Am2 D7 To pick the pieces of your life up
Dm7 EAnd scream looking glad
Am Am4Since all that you despised
(repeat) You're thinking back to the Chicken Shack And the smashing of the glass And the knife in the back, well My boy who would've believed your lies? All your lies?
Am C G-G#-AmAnd no-one's going to sell you any alibis
--Now he arpegiates the same chords played in first verse:--
Am, Am1, Am2, D7, Dm7, E and them strums Am - Am5 -Am x2 ----silence here----------Am-Am5-Am x2 You dirty small town girls ----silence here----------C How I wish you were here now
E Am-Am5-Am x2 And show me how to be the man,
I'm your man
C EAs only you can, as only you can
Am-Am5-Am x2My White City girl
(just the same again) Well someone said you were an angel Only what kind of angel Would whisper 'hello' And shout 'goodbye' My White City girl
F GAnd I've seen you go down
C - C/B - AmOn one too many times
F G It chills my bones to seem that way
EOh that way
Am-Am5-Am x2And this aching heart of mine
(NOW REPEAT ALL) You said you live your life by the Albion creed So pure in thoughts and word and deed Well, oh my boy, what did you gain? Just empty bottles and ... roots And holes in the years of your cowboy boots And that makes she'll never forget your name Or your lies... And no-one's going to sell you any alibis Alibis Feel free to rate or comment CHEERS FROM SPAIN ;)
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