Libertines - Tomblands tab

Since a second big reunion has been announced, I feel as if I have to contribute 
This is how I play the song, it's not perfect  but I feel it's better than 
what's here already.

                             Tomblands - The Libertines
Tabbed by: Michael Johnston

Tuning: Standard

Chords (in order of appearance)
B - 799877
D - 10/12/12/11/10/10
A - 577655
G# - 466544
G - 355433
F# - 244322
E - 022100
C - 030210
D* - 000232
Bm - 224432
A* - 077650

These chords are just how I find it easiest. 
They can be played however you like.

High register: operational 

Intro - B, D, A, A x4

        B                     D          
In the land of the gauching, skiving sun
There's bodies in the room, lad
B                     D
Never an honest days work is done
They call it the Tomblands 
 G#      G       F#         
        ??????? ????????
E            C           D      E
No, they're never gonna get me, no
C            D      E
Never gonna get me, no
C            D      E
Never gonna get me, no

B D Fifteen holes in the dealer's chest A Yo ho ho he was a mini Martell man B D Serve the girls and shovel up the rest A Pieces of eight in the jukebox Bm G F# Oh, you know Bm G F# didn't wanna be the one to tell you Bm G F# She was only fourteen Bm G F# Sussed out your dirty sordid little scene ------------------SOLO--------------------
Ad-lib repeat this solo, almost exactly the same for a few bars, varying the 12 on the B to get the same sound as the record. E C D E No, never gonna get me no C D E Never gonna get me no C D E Never gonna get me no Outro - B, D, A, A (basically the intro again.) ************************************ b = bend ************************************ And that's pretty much it. Leave a rating and a comment if you have any criticisms or corrections. Long live The Libertines
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