Libertines - I Love Youbut Youre Green tab

Saw this tabbed already and realised that it was awful, so here goes!!!

Intro1:F#  G  C  D x2

Verse1: F# G Bm C D I was a troubled teen F# G Bm C D who put an advert in a magazine F# G Bm C D to the annoyance of my imaginary lover F# G Bm she doubted my integrity C D and this is what she said to me: G Bm C D "Oh, you, you're green G Bm you don't know what love means C D well let me tell you G Bm it tickles you pink C D Oh yeah but it likes to hear you scream G Bm C D Fire and damnation, lamentations for the likes of you" G G/F# Em Chorus A and when she goes Em A just let her go Em A if she said shes going Em A just make sure she goes D Make sure she go-oh-oh-oes Intro2 Verse2 Chorus Intro2
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