Life Of Agony – I Pretend tab

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Cool but simple song!
there are basicly four chords used througout the song:

Intro just one chord keep strumming as much as you likee|---------|B|---------|G|-9-------|D|-10------|A|-10------|E|-8-------|
Then he goes into this part (!just the chords+progressionnot the strumming pattern!!!)e|----|---|---|---| |------------------|B|----|---|---|---| this is repeated a couple of |-----|G|-9--|-6-|-7-|-4-| times (listen to the cd for |-2---|D|-10-|-7-|-8-|-5-| strum). The n before the |-3---|A|-10-|-7-|-8-|-5-| more relaxed part he strums |-3---|E|-8--|-5-|-6-|-3-| the F chord -----------------> |-1---|
Then there's this part too (listen to the cd for exact timing!) (2.22 mins)e|---|---|---|B|---|---|---|G|-8-|-5-|-6-|D|-9-|-6-|-7-|A|-9-|-6-|-7-|E|-7-|-4-|-5-|Then before he goes back to the other part with the solo played over itbut before that he plays the (577655) a couple of times with HEAVYPALM MUTE!!
lyrics: In the stillness of the night My eyes are closed My mouth is wide I could see her face Her beautifull hair I could recognize She looks at me cold She probably don't know who I am Moomy it's me It's keith You had me back when But sometimes i like to pretend That she knows me That she holds me I guess I can't Because she doesn't know who I am My mind it's dreaming God it's so misleading Do you think it's 'cause I've grown old Is it true that what I was told You cried to leave me You know I know it's not your fault You had a husband who was selfish and cold Believe me I know Now I hear you used to treat me cold You disappeard and left me all alone I'm sure you didn't know right from wrong 'cause both of you were always getting stoned. THE END
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