Lifehouse – Days Go By tab

Days Go By


 G Bb A  (at the beginning, just hammer the Low e string  (202020 than go into Bb and A.
I hope y'all understand this..)

G                                Bb      A
So don't sit back and watch the days go by
G                          Bb        A
Are you ever gonna live before you die
     Em7         Dsus2
And when things fall apart
      Cadd9             G
The world has come undone
      Em7         Dsus2
Leave it all behind
          Cadd9           G
Leave the loneliness alone
     Em7     dsus2       C
You wait forever blind

So come on and leave the years
               CaDD9      dsus2 
When you watched the days go by
Come on and leave the fears
                 Cadd9   dsus2
That you were afraid to find
        Em7      dsus2    cadd9
Cause while you wait inside
The days go by

Interlude same as chorus

You should be able to get the rest. The other one sounds ok, but this sounds a lot better.
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