Lifehouse – Who We Are tab

Who We Are - Lifehouse

Tuning: Standard (Live 1/2 step down)

I've been watching the videos on YouTube and watching what Jason does, so I'm pretty sure
this is 100% correct (except where I've noted).

Jason uses some weird chords during the verses. What you do is play the an octave with your
index and ring finger, and then use your middle finger to play a bass note. The way I've
named them is octive/bass note.

G#/E C#/A D#/B B/Ge|-x----x----x----x--|B|-x----x----x----x--|G|-13---6----8----4--|D|-x----x----x----x--|A|-11---4----6----2--|E|-0----5----7----3--|
Intro/Verse: G#/E C#/A G#/E C#/A Live my life around a picture taken when we met... etc. Keep playing this until: D#/B B/G D#/B Who we were and where it's at. Here we go. Chorus: Just play power chords C#m B A E We break, and we bend, and we turn it inside out to C#m B A take it back to the start and through the rise and E B A (F#m) -------------> I can't figure out what Jason here. It looks like some form of E, falling apart, we discover who we are but sounds like F#m. Brice plays F# on the bass, so that's what I put. Verse 2: same as Verse 1 Chorus Bridge:
I'm just guessing on some of the chord names. They are the right chords though. E* E7 A Emaj7e|-0--0--0----0---0--|B|-0--0--0----0---0--|G|-8--7--2----6---8--|D|-9--6--2-or-7---6--|A|-7--7--0----7---7--|E|-0--0--x----0---0--|
E* E7 A Emaj7 And it's all to the wind. It's all in our heads. E7 A We fall to the wind, it's all in our heads.
Then Jason plays F#m:e|-0-B|-0-G|-2-D|-4-A|-4-E|-2-
and the other guitarist plays: E F# G# Ae|------------|B|------------|G|-9-11-13-14-|D|------------|A|-7-9--11-12-|E|------------|
Chorus x2 That's it. Other than that F#m at the end of the verse, I'm pretty confident this is correct.
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