Lifehouse – In Your Skin chords

In Your Skin by Lifehouse

Capo 4

Intro: Em E E

Verse 1:
Em G Throw stones, breaking bones,
DThen wondering why you run for cover
Em G D You fight the world from inside
Em G Lay down, playing dead
DTo the pages just another
Em G D Wasted day in your mind
C G You live to run away
D But fear is the hardest act to follow
C G Em Let me let you in
C G Hold on another day
D Face the truth it's hard to swallow
Am C It's time to begin
Am C There's only one life
Em E E In your skin
Verse 2:
Em G Wake up, take a breath
DRemember why you're even breathing
Em G D You're still alive
Em G Give it, give it up,
DYou're the only one believing
Em G D In all of your lies
Am C In your skin
Em E In Your skin
( Am C G ) (4x)
Am C In your skin
Em E E In your skin
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