Lifehouse – Simon tab

Lifehouse - Simon                                tabbed by tuluks
-----------------                                          kid©2007™

this is one of my favourite songs on the album.
not many tabs i've seen got the intro right so i tabbed it.


guitar 1: normal    (electric)     
guitar 2: 1/2 step down  (acoustic)


[gtr 1]e|---7--7--7--7--7--7--7--7---| B|---0--0--------0--0---------|G|----------------------------|D|----------------------------|A|----------------------------| ('repeat' throughout intro/verse whenever)E|----------------------------| (it also comes in middle and end so listen)(try using phaser? effect if u hav it)
[gtr 2]eb|----------------------------|----------------------------|Bb|----------------------------|----------------------------|Gb|---10--9---5----5---7---7---|---10--9---5----5---7-------|Db|----------------------------|----------------------------|Ab|---8---7--------------------|---8---7----------------10--|Eb|-----------5----5---7---8---|-----------5----5---7---8---| (x2)
Verse 1 -------
[gtr 2]eb|----------------------------|----------------------------|Bb|----------------------------|----------------------------|Gb|---10--9---5----5---7---7---|---10--9---5----5---7-------|Db|----------------------------|----------------------------|Ab|---8---7--------------------|---8---7----------------10--|Eb|-----------5----5---7---8---|-----------5----5---7---8---| catch your breath.... ..start to crawl..
eb|---------------------------------------|---------------|Bb|---------------------------------------|---------------|Gb|---------------------------------------|-----------10--|Db|---3---5---7---3---5---7---3---5---7---|---7---9-------|Ab|---------------------------------------|-----------8---|Eb|---1---3---5---1---3---5---1---3---5---|---5---7-------| your cage.. ..leave you alone.
Pre Chorus ----------
[gtr 1]e|------6-----7-----9-----7-----6---|B|---7-----7-----7-----7-----7------|G|----------------------------------|D|----------------------------------|A|----------------------------------|(listen for this part and repeat wherever)E|----------------------------------|
[gtr 2] C7M'Cause the weak will F other chords used:Seek the weaker til they've broken them. C7M C/B G Am eb|-----0-------0-------|Could you get it back again? Bb|-----0-------1-------| C C/B Gb|-----0-------0-------|Would it be the same? Db|-----2-------0-------| Am F Ab|-----3-------2-------|Fulfillment to their lack of strength at your expense, Eb|---------------------| G AmLeft you with no defense; C C/BThey tore it down.
Chorus ------
[gtr 1] (listen for this part and repeat as in song)e|------------------------------|------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------|------------------------------------------|G|--11/13--11/13--11/13--11--8--|--11/13--11/13--11/13--16--16--16/18--18--|D|--x--x---x--x---x--x---x---x--|--x--x---x--x---x--x---x---x---x--x---x---|A|--9-/11--9-/11--9-/11--9---6--|--9-/11--9-/11--9-/11--14--14--14/16--16--|E|------------------------------|------------------------------------------|
[gtr 2] F G Am F And I have felt the same as you, G Am F I've felt the same as you, G I've felt the same. F - C - Am \ } (x2) Am - C/B - C / Verse 2 ------- [gtr 2] F C Am Locked inside Am C/B C The only place F C Am Where you feel sheltered, Am C/B C Where you feel safe. F G Am You lost yourself F G Am In your search to find F G Am Something else Am G F to hide behind. PreChorus2: (repeat the same chords as in first prechorus) ---------- C7M F The fearful always preyed upon your confidence. G Am Did they see the consequence, C C/B when they pushed you around? Am F The arrogant build kingdoms made of the different ones, G Am C C/B F Breaking them 'til they've become just another crown. (Repeat Chorus) Verse 3 ------- F G Am F G Am (use bar chords here) Refuse to feel anything at all, F G Am Refuse to slip Am G C Refuse to fall. F G AM Can't be weak, F G Am Can't stand still, F G Am Am G F You watch your back 'cause no one will. Prechorus 3 ----------- (intro bit [gtr1] comes in here) C7M F You don't know why they had to go this far, G Am Traded your worth for these scars, C C/B For your only company. Am And don't believe the lies F G Am That they have told to you. Not one word was true C C/B F you're alright, you're alright, you're alright. (Chorus) - (do C chord at the end of this chorus wea he says "same") outro ----- F G \ La da da da da \ repeat until Am / song is over (also intro bit [gtr1] comes in here) La da da da da / ********************************* thats pretty much it. hope you enjoy it. comment if u think some thing is missing so i can update tab. kid©2007™ *********************************
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