Lifehouse – Breathing tab

Capo: 5th fret

Am: x02210
 G: 320010
 F: x3321x
 E: 022100
 C: x32010
 B: 024400 
Bb: 013300       
Dm: xx0231

INTRO (listen to song for exact timing, it's kinda tricky):

Am G F Ge|---0------------0------------------------0----------|B|---1----0-1-3---1----3-1-0---1-----------1----------|G|---2------------0------------2-----------0----------|D|---2------------0------------3-----------0----------|A|---0------------2------------3-----------2----------|E|---x------------3------------------------3----------|
Am G F Ee|---0------------0------------------------0----------|B|---1----0-1-3---1----3-1-0---1-----------0----------|G|---2------------0------------2-----------1----------|D|---2------------0------------3-----------2----------|A|---0------------2------------3-----------2----------|E|---x------------3-----------------------------------|Repeat
VERSE 1: Am G F G I'm findin my way back to sanity again Am G Though I don't really know what I'm gonna do F E When I get there... Am G Take a breath and hold on tight F G And spin around one more time Am G F (fill) And gracefully fall back to the arms of grace CHORUS: C G F C G 'Cause I'm hanging on every word you say Am G And even if you don't wanna speak tonight F G That's alright, alright with me C G 'Cause I want nothing more F C G Than to sit outside Heaven's door Am G And listen to you breathing F G It's where I wanna be, yeah PLAY INTRO VERSE 2 (play like verse 1) BRIDGE: B Bb I don't want a thing from you B Bb I bet you're tired of me B Waiting for the scratch to fall off Bb Of your table to the ground... Dm C Bb La la laaa, la la la la la laaaaaa Am G F G 'Cause I just wanna be here now... CHORUS CHORUS OUTRO (fade)
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