Lifehouse – Wish chords

Left handed
Well I first heard this some Live in Detroit and immediately fell in love with it. 
Unfortunately there where no tabs or chords on the internet that I could find and 
also the only live performance on youtube was the concert I went to which is pretty cool.
Half Step Down Tuning ( Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb )


E Abso you found
C# A Ea better hiding place than on the ground
C# A Einside the image
C# A Bof who they think you are
E Am DI wish the best of everything for you
G F#/G EI hope you know that honestly I do
E Amhow long can you run
Cturn your back on everyone
Gjust let me know
C B7when you're tired of being alone
(repeats) (verse) so you wait all through the night and day to day wait for the illusion of the perfect song (chorus) I wish the best of everything for you hope you know that I honestly I do how long can you run turn your back on everyone just let me know when you're tired of being alone (outro) E Am C B7 Am B7 E Hope That helps everyone =) if you wanna contact me you can at
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