Between The Raindrops Acoustic chords with lyrics by Lifehouse - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Lifehouse – Between The Raindrops Acoustic chords

tab by @acoustic_girl

Hello world, I tabbed this based on acoustic performances by the band. I think 
it's pretty close to how Jason actually plays it, you can YT the videos and judge 
for yourselves :D 
Rate and comment, cheers!

Tuning: Half-Step Down

C7M     :x32000
C/G     :332010
Em      :022000
G       :3x0003
D/F#    :2x0232
Gsus4   :3x0013
Cadd9   :x32033
Em7     :022033
G5      :3x0033
Am      :x02210


Verse :
C7M EmLook around
G D/F# There's no one but you and me
C7M EmRight here and now
G D/F#The way it was meant to be
(For the second part of the verse just play the intro) There's a smile on my face Knowing that together Everything that's in our way We're better than alright Chorus:
Em Walking between the raindrops
C/G G Gsus4 G D/F# Riding the aftershock beside you
Em Off into the sunset
C/G G D/F#Living like there's nothing left to lose
Chasing after gold mines Crossing the fine lines we knew Hold on and take a breath I'll be here every step Walking between the raindrops with you (repeat intro) Verse 2: (strum chords)
Cadd9 Em7 Take me now
G5 Dsus4/F#The world's such a crazy place
When the walls come down You'll know I'm here to stay There's nothing I would change Knowing that together everything that's in our way We're better than alright (Repeat Chorus) Break: (repeat intro) Bridge:
C7M EmThere's a smile on my face
G D/F#Knowing that together
Am EmEverything that's in our way
G D/F#We're better than alright
(Repeat chorus as many times as necessary)
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