Lifehouse – Storm tab

Artist: Lifehouse
Song: Storm
Album: Who We Are (Geffen) (2007)
Written by: Jason Wade
Tabbed by: José D. Montenegro M.
Tuning: Standard (EADGBe)

Chords: Em7 D/F# G C D5e|--3---3----3--3--0--|B|--3---3----3--3--3--|G|--0---2----0--0--2--|D|--2---0----0--2--0--|A|--2---0----2--3-----|E|--0---2----3--------|
Intro: Em7 - C - G, Em7 - D/F# - G [x2] Verse 1: Em7 C G Em7 D/F# G How long have I been in this storm? So overwhelmed by the oceans shapeless form Em7 C G Em7 D/F# G Water's getting harder to treat, - with these waves crashing over my head Pre-chorus: G D/F# Em7 C G If I could just see you, everything would be alright G D/F# Em7 D/F# G If I had seen you, the storminess would turn to light Chorus 1: Em7 C G Em7 D/F# G And I… walk on water, and you will catch me if I fall Em7 C G D/F# Em7 C D5 G And I… would get lost into your eyes, and everything would be alright G - D/F# - Em7 D5 Em7 …and everything would be alright
Post-chorus: Em7 C G Em7 D/F# Ge|-----------------------------------------|-------------------------3-----------|B|--------3-------3---------3--------------|--------3-------3-----------------3--|G|------0-------0-------0-2---2-0h2-2-0----|------0-------2--------0--------0----|D|----2-------2-------0-----------------0--|----2-------0--------0--------0------|A|----------3------------------------------|-------------------------------------|E|--0---------------3----------------------|--0-------2--------3--------3--------|
Verse 2: Em7 C G Em7 D/F# G I know you did bring me out here to drown, so why am I ten feet under and upside down? Em7 C G Em7 D/F# G Barely surviving has become my purpose, 'cause I'm so used to living underneath the surface [Repeat pre-chorus and chorus] End Chorus: Em7 C G Em7 D/F# G And I… walk on water, and you will catch me if I fall Em7 C G D/F# Em7 C D5 G And I… would get lost into your eyes, and everything would be alright G - D/F# - Em7 D Em7 …I know everything is alright C - G - D Em7 D/F# - G …everything's alright That's it… You can strum the chords, but if you want to play it like Jason, play these arpeggios for each chord:
Em7 C G D/F# D5e|-----------------|-----------------|----------------|-----------------|--------0---------|B|--------3--------|--------3--------|-------3--------|--------3--------|------3----3---3--|G|------0---0---0--|------0---0---0--|-----0---0---0--|------2---2---2--|----2--------2----|D|----2-------2----|----2-------2----|---0-------0----|----0-------0----|--0---------------|A|-----------------|--3--------------|----------------|-----------------|------------------|E|--0--------------|-----------------|-3--------------|--2--------------|------------------|
Note:In the pre-chorus and chorus there are some G - D/F#, just play the chorda half time:e|-------------------|B|--------3-------3--|G|------0-------2----|D|----0-------0------|A|-------------------|E|--3-------2--------|
Beautiful song, nice to sing while you're drowning in tears… just kidding, believe me, there is a hope… [d:] Any comment or question mail me: '' (it's a zero in j053) or ''. GOD bl3s5 U. j:053[d:]montNgro, your Latino brother.
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