Lifehouse – Am I Ever Gonna Find Out tab

Am I Ever Going to find out

INTRO: Am  Dm  F* C x2
Am           Dm
silence is golden
F*                C             Am
but I think it's gonna kill me now
     Dm        F* 
everything I've seen
     C                  Am
never seems to fail me now
       Dm                F*           E
no one told me that the world could fall through yeah


F*       G       E        Am
in between this am I gonna find a way
F*     G         E      Am         
to defeat this living inside yesterday
F*      G      E               Am
I'm alive I think it's time to live
like I am
am I ever gonna find it
Dm          F*
am I ever gonna find it
Dm          F*   G     Am
am I ever gonna find out

Am           Dm
patience can wait for now
F*                C          Am
I think I've waited for too long
     Dm        F* 
you always gave a choice
     C                  Am
well I know right to be wrong
       Dm                F*           E
all my life has been slipping through your hands yeah

ends in Am

Am 002210
Dm 000231
F* 033210
C  332010
E  022100
G  320033
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