Lifehouse – End Has Only Begun tab


G	C     2x

Verse 1
    G   C		 G	   C
We walk, 	in your footsteps
	     F	    G	    Am
Though i've had my ups and downs
G     C		G     C
Stand, 	in the silence
   F	 G	   Am
Until I figure it out

One might fall and the other will stand
One might five where the other won't bend
     D			      Am
The night is as bright as the sun
Never gonna know never gonna look back
Never gonna know where we would've ended up at
     D		   Am
The end has only begun

Verse 2
    G  C		      G   C	
So stop, 	counting the hours
F	  G	   Am
Live out in the world
	G  C			  G 	C
Cause I've, 	been chasing the answers
     F		G	    Am
But they don't want to be found


Bridge 1
E	 Bm
And the day
    D				    A
Tonight feels like a million miles away
	    Am		     Em
And these times just won't change
F	    G        C
Life just stays the same
	  F	      G	               C
I'd give anything to see the light of day

Verse 3
       G   C		      G   C
Cause I've, 	been too far away
    F	      G	     Am	
To hear you whispering


Bridge 1

Bridge 2
E	 Bm	
What you do
D	        	     Am
No one can decide it's up to you
	    Am		     Em
And who you are is what you choose
	F	        G	    C
These times where the world falls apart
Make us who we are
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